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Attention Powrup Customers - New Email Changes/Settings

Update: We are finished with the email and contacts migration. If you have any issues contact us.

We will be changing servers as previously announced on Saturday June 13th. Email will be migrated from Google's servers to our in house server. We will update the webmail link at that time. Sometime between Saturday the 13th and Monday the 15th all DNS records should update around the internet and mail should enter our new servers. Some mail may go to the old server during this time so if you think you are missing email you can go to and use your username/password to check via webmail. Look for the link to the left to check your old email.

New email server settings starting June 13th

If you use a mail client such as Outlook or Windows Live Mail you will need to change your incoming and outgoing server settings starting June 13th. If you use Webmail by clicking the check mail button on the powrup page then you don't need to change anything. The new settings are:

Incoming Server:

Port for POP: 110 (TLS or unencrypted) or 995 (SSL)

Port for IMAP: 143 (TLS or unencrypted) or 993 (SSL)

Outgoing Server:

Port: 587 (TLS or unencrypted) or 465 (SSL)

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